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Many people these days use personal or home weather stations to allow monitoring and recording of local weather conditions. Some follow the weather purely as a hobby, some as a necessity for our businesses and some for our sporting interests. Whatever your reason for following our famously unpredictable British weather we will give you a guide to the latest home weather stations available. If you just require a simple window thermometer potentially with maximum and minimum recording and some with humdity then check out our thermometer guide. For those looking at handheld anemometers, some with temperature and humidity then look at our anemometer guide.


These days home weather stations can measure indoor and outdoor temperature and humdity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction, sun light and ultraviolet radition, windchill and dew point. They typically have one or more wireless outdoor sensors that can transmit to an indoor display console. Some weather stations now have PC and/or internet connectivity and will automatically upload your weather data to the internet. A less common feature is solar charging for your outdoor sensors which is convenient and useful if you won't have easy access to replace batteries.