JDC Skywatch Atmos Handheld Anemometer

with Temperature and Humidity

Feature Support
Inside / Outside temperature /
Min / Max temperature /
Wind speed / direction /
Wind gusts
Inside / Outside humidity /
Dew point
Wind chill
Barometric pressure
Wifi connection
USB connection
Internet upload
Separate sensors
Solar powered sensors
Programmable warnings
Mobile app

This is a professional accurate and robust anemometer with temperature and humidity readings. Ideal for sports users and marine, agricultural and avionic specialists. It is waterproof and will float if dropped accidentally in water. There is a aluminium bottom plate for attachement to a tripod. It comes with a protective cap to cover the propeller when not in use and comes with a storage pouch. European laws now mandate that wind, temperature and humidity be measured before spraying crops, this meter is ideal for the job.

It offers an average function for time periods from 3 seconds up to 24 hours. The operating temperature range is from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. The unit is powered by 2 AA batteries. You can choose the anemometer units from mph, km/h, m/s, fps, knots and the Beaufort scale. It can record the minimum, maximum and average wind speeds. The humidity range is from 20 to 80% and has modes for instant, minimum, average and maximum and dew point measurements.

The design of the propeller means that it is not sensitive to the wind direction and does not need to be directed precisely to get an accurate reading. We highly recommend the JDC Skywatch Atmos as a professional quality handheld anemometer.

Ease of use: 9.0
Value for money: 8.5
Performance: 10.0
Score: 9.2
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