TFA Mountable Window Thermo-Hygrometer

Feature Support
Inside / Outside temperature /
Min / Max temperature /
Wind speed / direction /
Wind gusts
Inside / Outside humidity /
Dew point
Wind chill
Barometric pressure
Wifi connection
USB connection
Internet upload
Separate sensors
Solar powered sensors
Programmable warnings
Mobile app

The TFA Mountable Window Thermo-Hygrometer is very similar to the cheaper TFA window thermometer with the addition of a hygrometer to measure humidity. It has a great looking transparent screen design and seems a very well made thermometer. Both the current temperature and minimum and maximums are displayed to 1 decimal place, the operating range is -25 to +70 degrees C. The maximum temperature is reset automatically at 8am and the minimum is reset at 8pm each day. So while the clock is not normally displayed make sure you set the correct time. Humidity is measured from 30 to 80%.

The display is large and easy to read during the day time, however at night it can be unreadable with out some kind of backlighting.

We found the thermometer very accurate and quick to update. A nice touch is the small bracket is attached to the window using 2 adhesive pads and the thermometer itself can be clipped on and off the bracket to allow cleaning of the window.

We highly recommend this excellent and well designed thermometer with humidity.

Ease of use: 9.0
Value for money: 8.5
Performance: 9.5
Score: 9
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