Smart Effects Technoline WS6830 Radio Controlled LED Weather Station

Feature Support
Inside / Outside temperature /
Min / Max temperature /
Wind speed / direction /
Wind gusts
Inside / Outside humidity /
Dew point
Wind chill
Barometric pressure
Wifi connection
USB connection
Internet upload
Separate sensors
Solar powered sensors
Programmable warnings
Mobile app

Set up

The radio controlled clock picks up the signal from the UK transmitter in Cumbria. There is a single temperature sensor to fix to a sheltered outdoor wall. We suggest it is well sheltered as it does not look particularly weather proof.


This weather station has an amber LED backlight display that is adjustable to two brightness levels and is easily read in a dark room. The weather station measures both indoor and outdoor temperatures in degrees C only and to the nearest degree with no decimal places. It also records the maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperatures. There is a forecast indicator to display trends in the weather.


We would mainly recommend this unit for it's attractive looks which distinguish it from some similarly featured units. However take care with the outside sensor, it doesn't look as though it can handle rain and would be best kept in a dry place. If you need barometric pressure or more accurate temperature readings then you may need to look else where.

Ease of use: 8
Value for money: 7
Performance: 6
Score: 7
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